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Become a VOICE Mentor

Volunteers of Issaquah Changing Education (VOICE) is an in-school volunteer mentoring program that pairs caring community members with Issaquah School District students.  VOICE volunteers work with students as one-to-one mentors one hour per week throughout the school year. Volunteers may choose to work as mentors supporting social skills and setting positive goals or as academic mentors with students on specifc subject matter.  All students benefit from your commitment.

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One hour a week – we can do this.




Make a difference in the life of a child.

K - 12 Mentors
K - 12 Mentors work with students that may need academic, emotional or social support; others may need a friend and role model.

College Corps Mentors
College Corps Mentors College Corps volunteers are seasonal  mentors who work with students on editing the  all-important college essay. College Corps mentors work with high school seniors from mid-September through January.

College Bound Mentors
College Bound mentors offer guidance and encouragement to freshman who qualify for free college tuition through the Washington College Bound Scholarship program. The goal is for mentors to support students throughout their high school career.

English Language Learner (ELL)
ELL mentors are matched with students at all grade levels. ELL mentors work specifically to support students in need of navigating a new school culture. The mentors may also  be bilingual.

Summer School Mentors
Summer School mentors support elementary summer school teachers as aides during the four-week academic session.

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Additional questions? Email voice@isfdn.org

As a community-powered non-profit organization, we value and welcome your involvement. Your donation of time and talent will directly impact the quality of education our students receive.

Fueling Success for Every Student, Every School