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Spotlight on Success December 2018

Issaquah Schools Foundation

Your Donations Make an Impact

In every school in the Issaquah School District, students need support for a multitude of reasons. The Issaquah Schools Foundation's Basic Student Needs programs are here to help. Here are three examples of how donations to Basic Student Needs make an impact. 

Helping Students in Need

Free Breakfasts, Lunches and Snacks

The Foundation's Feeding Students Success program provides food aid to students during the school day. The program provided more than 17,000 free breakfasts, snacks and lunches last year.

"What I appreciate about the breakfast program is knowing that our students come to school every day with the opportunity to be nourished and ready to learn regardless of what barriers they might be facing at home." - Seth Adams, Issaquah Middle School Principal

"With the Issaquah Schools Foundation's support, we are able to ensure that all students are able to receive the nutrition they need to be healthy and successful. We greatly appreciate the support!" - Sean Martin, Liberty High School Principal

Funds for Urgent Needs - Nurses Fund

This special fund allows Issaquah School District nurses to assist students and families struggling to pay for basic necessities.

"The funds provided by the Issaquah Schools Foundation assist students in need in our District by supplying them with such basic items as groceries, clothing, medications, eyeglasses and transportation, thus allowing them to focus on learning." - Karen Thies, DNP, RN, Health Services Supervisor

"At Pacific Cascade Middle School, we appreciate the Nurses Fund and the nurse's ability to resolve other needs, such as getting students glasses or appointments. This ensures that all students come to school ready to learn - and can see the board!" - Dana Bailey, Pacific Cascade Middle School Principal

Free Backpacks and School Supplies

The Foundation's Tools4School program provides free, new backpacks filled with school supplies for families that need financial support. In summer 2018, the program distributed 967 backpacks to Issaquah School District families. Backpacks are also supplied to schools for families who arrive later in the year.

"I was able to help my family get most of the school items needed. It's such a big help to my family and it's greatly appreciated." - Issaquah School District Parent

"Thank you for doing this. It really helped us keep on budget." - Issaquah School District Parent

Editorial in The Patriot Press: 
ISF and all the opportunities it brings us

Emily Bassett, News Editor of Liberty High School's Patriot Press, recently penned this editorial about the Issaquah Schools Foundation. Bassett, who also serves as a Foundation Student Trustee, shared her thoughts on the Foundation's impact

Whether you do robotics, VOICE mentoring, music, or just took English your freshman year, you've been impacted by programs funded by the Issaquah Schools Foundation.

The foundation began in 1987 by a few families who saw a need for new rugs in their children's kindergarten classroom. In the past year, the foundation has raised over $1 million to fund various things around the district-things that basic state funding doesn't cover-like classroom enrichment grants or the PSAT scholarship.

I'm beyond thankful for ISF because of the opportunities that it brings; both to myself and to other students. Through a program that allows students to become an active part of the foundation, I found a group of adults and students who are excited about learning and teaching others. They've given me countless opportunities to explore my passion for teaching throughout the district.

From making sure no child goes hungry before school to ensuring all students have access to after-school tutoring, ISF works to make the students in this district the best that they possibly can be. They are our biggest allies and the loudest cheerleaders, and they have a true desire to help every single student in the district become the best that they can be, regardless of their backgrounds or test scores.

Thank you, ISF, for inspiring me and those around me to be better than we could have ever imagined-we couldn't have done it without you and the wealth of opportunities that you offer us.

Originally published in Liberty High School's Patriot Press, November 6, 2018. Reprinted with permission.

Dining for Kids: Zeeks Pizza January 2


Enjoy a great meal for a great cause! The Issaquah Schools Foundation invites you to Dining for Kids to raise funds for our Feeding Student Success program, which provides food aid in schools.


Join us anytime on Wednesday, January 2 at Zeeks Pizza in Issaquah Highlands. Zeeks will generously donate a portion of your bill to the Foundation. 

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