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Academic Support

After school academic support looks a bit different at each leve, but these programs, which receive funding from the Foundation, offer students the opportunity to get one-to-one help from a teacher in a quiet setting.

After-School Homework Labs at high schools and open libraries at middle schools give every student access to free tutoring or a supervised location to study or use the computer after school.

At Issaquah High School, after-school homework help is beneficial for students who need extra support. This is particularly true for students who are credit deficient, have limited resources, and have no access to tutoring services outside school. This program is one of the key tools that counseling teams, teachers and administrators recommend to students who are struggling. Teachers shared that:

"Many students on my caseload (as on-time graduation specialist) have been able to raise their grades to passing in these critical classes, which has enabled them to graduate and given them more options for continued education beyond high school."

"The success of the program lies in the fact that it can be so helpful for such a wide range of students, from those that struggle in class to those that excel in class, but are looking for that extra time for their studies or that further clarity in a particular subject's content." 

“In terms of writing requirements, there’s a big leap between elementary and middle school," says Holly Stipe, a Language Arts teacher at Issaquah Middle School. "Students may struggle to find the confidence and skills to meet the higher expectations."






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