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Bringing Shakespeare Alive

"All the world's a stage"

For 1,605 ninth grade students and 16 teachers during the 2017-18 school year, the world truly was a stage this spring thanks to the Bringing Shakespeare Alive program. Made possible by a grant from the Foundation, the program offers three-day residencies with Seattle Shakespeare Company as part of language arts classes. Teachers shared that:

"One of the biggest successes from this project is the way that the Shakespeare Alive experience brings out the whole student population - not just the drama student, the athletic student or the music student - and creates an experience that builds confidence in an area of the language arts class that can be very intimidating."

"Every year, students comment on what they remembered or enjoyed the most - usually the stage fighting - but this experience is truly one that lasts beyond just the three-day workshop... The students would not be as successful at their culminating projects or text comprehension without these workshops. Shakespeare Alive really does live up to its name - Shakespeare comes alive in the spring in our classrooms because of the grant from the Foundation."




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