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FutureMap invites local families, businesses, and educators to actively support career exploration and development.  Through equal and improved access to online career coaches, guest speakers, company tours, job shadows, and after-school internships, FutureMap delivers Issaquah school district students tools that prepare for post-secondary success.

Key ways this can be achieved:  

  • Developing a program that operates within the existing district infrastructure (ie. Career Cruising)  and legal compliance guidelines of the Issaquah School District
  • Strategically aligning FutureMap program structure with ISD Career & Counseling resources and goals
  • Proactively understanding the relevant tools required to support the efforts of the Career & Technical Education staff
  • Creating and maintaining current and resource-rich web databases through Career Cruising
  • Motivating, recruiting, and effectively managing online career coaches
  • Building a network of local businesses eager to engage with students through guest speaking, company tours, and hosted job shadows and after-school internships

FutureMap for Students

FutureMap for Businesses/Career Coaches



Fueling Success for Every Student, Every School