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Future Map & Career Cruising

FutureMap is an innovative program designed to promote career awareness, exploration and development.



By integrating traditional High School and Beyond Plan components such as interest assessments, post-secondary institution program information and national industry databases with convenient access to local, online career coaches, company profiles and work-based learning opportunities, FutureMap helps students connect the dots between their classroom learning and interests to post-graduation options.



FutureMap successfully launches students into their future by:  

  • Integrating seamlessly within the Issaquah School District High School and Beyond planning infrastructure 
  • Bridging the gap between National databases and local career coaches and opportunities
  • Providing Career & Technical Education staff additional resources such as industry guest speakers and access to company tours
  • Encourging development of communication, leadership and soft skills through hand-on, work-based learning opportunities 
  • Engaging local businesses to train the skills they are looking to hire tomorrow, today


Career Cruising is a self-guided High School and Beyond and planning software tool that engages every high school student in the process of building their future, through connecting thier interests and skills.

Career Cruising integrates with FutureMap's web-based platform to connect students with post-secondary career pathways.

FutureMap for Students

FutureMap for Businesses/Career Coaches

Meet the FutureMap Team

For more information, contact: valerie@isfdn.org








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