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Teachers Honored for Giving Tuesday 2017

Donations have been made to the Issaquah Schools Foundation in honor of the following teachers:

Dina Alatorre, Briarwood Elementary

Gary Arthur, Issaquah Valley Elementary

​Julia Bamba, Gibson Ek HS

Kristin Bennett, Skyline HS**

 Josh Berg, Beaver Lake MS

Christy Boas, Skyline HS

Mark Boberg, Gibson Ek HS

​Melissa Bramble, Creekside Elementary

​Traci Brewster, Issaquah MS**

​Andrew Brownson, Skyline HS

​Kelly Brunell, Maple Hills Elementary

Krsto Budech, Skyline HS

Kristin Cakarnis, Newcastle Elementary

​Gloria Cho, Challenger Elementary

 Jessica Clark, Sunny Hills Elementary

Darrin Cook, Skyline HS

​Shaun Cornwall, Clark Elementary

Hiroki Danshita, Issaquah HS**

​Jessica Dezure, Issaquah HS

 Eva DiDonato, Sunny Hills Elementary

​Carrie Duggan, Issaquah HS

​ Kyle Duggan, Skyline HS

Lisa Edwards, Sunset Elementary

​ Thomas Elliott, Skyline HS

Eric Ensey, Pine Lake MS **

Michelle Ensey, Sunny Hills Elementary

​Melissa Evans, Administration

​Amy Fairley, Sunset Elementary

​Brandy Falk, Grand Ridge

​Chris Foley, Issaquah HS

​ Natalie Fowler, Skyline High School

​Susie Gierke, VOICE Program (retired)

Kimberly Goodman, Grand Ridge

MacKenzie Granger, Challenger Elementary

​Meagan Gratias, Issaquah HS

 Stephania Gullikson, Skyline HS

​Bradley Hagstrom, Issaquah Valley Elementary

​Tammy Haldeman, Skyline HS

​Kristi Hardy, Issaquah HS**

Jeanne Hartman, Skyline HS

​ Jennifer Houghton, Grand Ridge Elementary

 Linda Howells, Sunny Hills Elementary

​ Lingou Jiang, Skyline HS**

​Mary Jobe, Issaquah MS

​Jesse Julias, Skyline HS

​Darcie Kardong, Maple Hills Elementary

​Leah Karpenko, Issaquah HS

​Kendall Kilgore, Newcastle Elementary

​Jennifer Laramore, Pacific Cascade MS

​Amy Lorang, Issaquah MS

 Denise Luci, Grand Ridge Elementary

​Lorre Mark, Endeavour Elementary

​Emily Martinson, Newcastle Elementary

​Jennifer Martinson, Issaquah HS

​ Cameron McCulloch, Challenger Elementary

​John Mejlaender, Issaquah MS

Gail Miller, Issaquah Valley Elementary

​ Brooke Moore, Grand Ridge Elementary

​Emily Myers, Newcastle Elementary

​Kathleen Myers, Issaquah HS

​Katie Nack, Endeavour Elementary

​Hillary Nadell, Gibson Ek HS

​Dorry Nakamura, Discovery Elementary

​ Danielle Nelson, Briarwood Elementary

​Erin Pasley, Endeavour Elementary

​Rebecca Posten, Newcastle Elementary

​ Christi Price, Discovery Elementary

​Lindsay Quinn, Creekside Elementary*

Kimberly Ralph, Endeavour Elementary

​ Dan Ramirez, Skyline HS

​Ruth Ramsey, Skyline HS

​Becky Rappin, Grand Ridge

Carina Roark, Cascade Ridge Elementary

​Katie Rudie, Issaquah Valley Elementary

​Katy Scammahorn, Sunset Elementary

​ Tracy Schellberg, Skyline HS**

​Sue Schoot, Sunny Hills Elementary

​Joe Schumacher, Issaquah HS & Issaquah MS

​Elizabeth Scott-Winkler, Discovery Elementary

​Molly Shade

Terry Shade, Pacific Cascade MS

​Ellie Shane, Issaquah HS

​ Gemma Shady, Discovery Elementary

​Dana Shawver, Cascade Ridge Elementary

 BJ Sherman, Skyline HS

 Hearan Shim, Skyline HS**

​Christina Spadafino, Issaquah MS

 Matthew Steen, Skyline HS

​Jessica Stephens, Creekside Elementary

​Hayley Swanson, Grand Ridge

​Courtney Teddy, Clark Elementary

​Ms. Thompson, Sunny Hills Elementary 

Lisette Trombley, Issaquah MS

Ms. Ulrich, Sunny Hills Elementary (retired)

Julia Weed, Issaquah MS

Robin Wood, Liberty HS & Maywood MS

Katie Wright, Grand Ridge Elementary




** denotes multiple tributes!

Giving Tuesday is November 28th!

Do you know a fantastic educator you would like to honor?


Click HERE to Donate in your teacher's honor

Giving Tuesday is the perfect way to make a donation as a tribute to their hard work and dedication.  We will personally notify them  of your donation dedication.  Thank you for supporting the Foundation and our sincere gratitude to all our dedicated Issaquah educators!




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