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Nourish Every Mind 2022 Toolkit

Nourish Every Mind Board & Advocate Toolkit 2022

YOU are a crucial part of Nourish Every Mind. NEM would not be the huge success it is for our students and programs without your efforts. Thank you for being a champion for the students in our district!

This year, Nourish Every Mind will launch as a month-long community facing campaign filled with virtually delivered content and engagement opportunities. Our goal is to invite our community to learn more about the needs of the students and the impact of Foundation-funded resources in a way that feels manageable and meaningful.

May 1-6: Week 1 - Academic Support
May 8-13: Week 2 - Mental Health & Social Emotional Support
May 15-20: Week 3 - Equitable Access to Educational & Community Resources
May 22-27: Week 4 - Our Vision Forward — Making a Positive Impact!

On each of the weekly focus areas, there will be:

  • Short videos from multiple perspectives
  • Parent/community surveys
  • Q&A sessions

Our community will still hear directly from students, but we’re also encouraging parents and community members to share their experiences and questions so we can work together toward building a vision of what support for our community’s kids could look like in the future.

We want to inspire our community to raise at least $400,000 to ensure the Foundation can continue programs that fuel our students' success. As an advocate, you help when you share and engage with the Nourish Every Mind content ­– connecting the Foundation and our school communities in a more meaningful way.

NEM Digital Toolkit Introduction

Nourish Every Mind Advocate Checklist

Get Ready by April 30th

  1. Sign up to receive insider info on NEM to receive important updates so you'll have easy access to the full week's content!

  2. Follow Issaquah Schools Foundation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date on great Nourish Every Mind content to share.
  3. See if there are other advocates in your circle and share this page with them.

Engage with Nourish Every Mind During May 

  1. Watch the videos and then share them! All videos will be available in the weekly Sneak Peek emails as well as on our social media channels and ISF website.   
    • You can share through social media or email or text – sample text is provided below to make it easy. And sharing your own story of why you are proud to support the Issaquah Schools Foundation is really impactful. 
  2. Attending a school event or game? Share with friends about Nourish Every Mind and how together we can make a difference for Issaquah students.   
  3. Check out the Nourish Every Mind Online Auction May 6-15 and tell your friends! There will be special experiences and items representing each school to bid on and so much more. https://isf.schoolauction.net/nemauction2022
  4. Make your own gift to NEM 2022!  

Scroll down for samples, graphics & how-to-videos:

  • Facebook Fundraisers (for Board Trustees)
  • Graphics for Social Media
  • Social Media Tips & Sample Posts
  • Sample Emails
  • Sample Text Messages

Any Questions? Contact sarah@isfdn.org 

Facebook Fundraisers (for Board Trustees)

It is easy to create a Facebook Fundraiser and we’d like all board trustees to create and share one the first week of May. Go to Facebook (easier on computer than phone) and look for the Fundraisers in the left-hand navigation list or by clicking on the Menus button and then selecting Create Fundraiser. Download instructions here.

Below is the text you can use in the Fundraiser description as well as a video How To if you need more support:   

I'm raising money for Issaquah Schools Foundation and your contribution, whether $5 or $500 combines to make a significant positive impact for our students.

Issaquah Schools Foundation couldn’t fund programs at our schools if it weren’t for the support of donors. Help make a difference in the lives of our students by giving back to one of the many programs that help them flourish. Show your support for students today! https://isfdn.org/nourish-every-mind/

Your donation is fully tax-deductible. To receive a receipt for your donation, please check he box to receive emails from Issaquah Schools Foundation before you complete your donation.

How to: Create Your Facebook Fundraiser


How to: Download & Share Digital Graphics













Social Stories




Giving Level Explainer


Social Media Tips

  • Make sure your post includes a video, photo, or social media graphic (you can download one above).
  • Share your personal story. Why does raising funds for Nourish Every Mind and Issaquah Schools Foundation mean so much to you?
  • Tag 10 friends who you think would support your fundraising efforts.
  • Pose questions to your followers. Share our weekly surveys with them!
  • Use hashtag #nourisheverymind.

Sample Social Posts

Today is the start of #nourisheverymind! Over the next month, join me making a gift to Issaquah Schools Foundation! Help us reach $400,000 in donations by the end of May! Together WE make a difference! #nourisheverymind https://isfdn.org/donate/

Issaquah Schools Foundation couldn't fund programs at our schools if it weren't for the support of donors. Help make a difference in the lives of our students by giving back to one of the many programs that help them flourish. Show your support for students today! #nourisheverymind https://isfdn.org/donate/

Hey everyone, this month is #nourisheverymind! Your donations can make a massive difference in the lives of our students! #nourisheverymind https://isfdn.org/donate/

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the Issaquah community in giving back to our students! Help us meet the needs of our students by making a gift to Issaquah Schools Foundation today! Together WE make a difference! #nourisheverymind https://isfdn.org/donate/

Don't Forget To Mention Our Auction May 6-15!

Did you know that Nourish Every Mind has an online auction? You have the opportunity to win prizes in all price ranges: from exciting school experiences for our students, to great getaways, dining and exceptional wines for you! Find the NEM Auction online at https://isf.schoolauction.net/nemauction2022 and donate at  https://isfdn.org/donate/.

Sample Emails

We've created 3 sample emails that you can send to your contacts: one email for current donors, one email for new donors, one email for referrals. Simply choose the correct file for your audience then copy and paste! 


How to: NEM Email Templates & Copy and Paste Info

Sample Text Messages

Hey [name], I just signed up for Nourish Every Mind, Issaquah Schools Foundation's annual Spring fundraiser! I am taking part in Nourish Every Mind because [it helps fund so many of the programs  that I care about]. Would you join me in becoming a donor to help raise awareness for Nourish Every Mind too? https://isfdn.org/nourish-every-mind/

Hey, have you heard about Nourish Every Mind the entire month of May? I just signed up to get monthly content that I can participate in to help our students! Helping to promote Nourish Every Mind is essential to raising the money necessary for funding many of the programs that Issaquah Schools Foundation offers! Will you sign up too? https://isfdn.org/nourish-every-mind/

Hey [name], I just signed up for Nourish Every Mind, Issaquah Schools Foundation's annual Spring fundraiser! Nourish Every Mind is the largest ask for donations of the year, and funds raised help support programs throughout our school community. Will you join me to help raise awareness for Nourish Every Mind? https://isfdn.org/nourish-every-mind/

Hey [name], are you ready for Nourish Every Mind? During the entire month of May, our community will come together to make donations that support the many programs that Issaquah Schools Foundation funds, including [enter a program that you care about here]. Use the link below to make your gift this Nourish Every Mind! https://isfdn.org/donate/





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