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August Spotlight on Success

Issaquah Schools Foundation

Spotlight on Success August 5, 2022

Don't Skip a Step!

When completing your student’s Online Enrollment Verification Process, Look for: PTSA, ISF, Lunch Account, Weekly Bulletin, Volunteer, and Forms and click “Support the Issaquah Schools Foundation” or “Donate now!” You can also donate today by clicking below!


How Does the Issaquah Schools Foundation Support Students?

Issaquah Schools Foundation is one of the four major supports for our students and everything we do is funded by donors like YOU! With funding provided by your generous donations the Foundation is able to offer the students in our community programs such as:

• Basic Student Needs

• Community Outreach & Support

• Academic Support

• Behavioral & Mental Health

• Student & Teacher Grants

• Enrichment Programs

Thank you for giving our community’s students the gift of learning!

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