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Literacy Support



Reading is a Foundation for learning, and therefore we have a
steadfast support for literacy needs in our district.  The Foundation has invested a considerable amount over the  years and this year in particular has an emphasis on literacy support  for our students.

"I want to sincerely thank the Issaquah Schools Foundation for their generous support of our elementary libraries! Wow! We are so fortunate to have your support to grow our collections with quality books."  - Julie Hembree, Cougar Ridge Librarian

During the 2020-2021school year, the Foundation is donating $128,000 to support literacy

  • $10,000 for library books. 
    The Foundation asks the librarians at each school to give their wish list and purchases books for every school library to help enrich the collection of materials offered in each building.  We have donated $5000 in library books each year for the past decade, increasing the support this year to be sure they have the materials needed to support our ever changing landscape.
  • $8000 in literacy support via teacher grants this year.
    Books are a popular item for Foundation grant requests every year and the Foundation has donated over $350,000 on literacy support materials via our grant opportunities over the years.
  • $10,000 for Learning Ally. 
    Expanding on traditional books, the Foundation is supporting the pilot of new online reading software that includes audio books particularly helpful to students who may struggle with reading.
  • $50,000 for Reading A-Z. 
    With remote learning limiting access to printed material this year, the Foundation donated funding for software that gives elementary teachers access to an online leveled reading room, allowing them to teach to students at individualized levels.
  • $50,000 for Newsela. 
    Similar to Reading A-Z, Newsela gives middle school teachers access to current news in formats available to students who read at varying levels, allowing them to better engage with the material.
  • $25,000 for Diverse Representation Books
    To be sure that each elementary classroom has a range of books helping our diverse population feel a greater sense of belonging.
  • $1500 for Pre-K Books
    Books to help foster a love of reading for our youngest readers.

Along with the grants, library books, and online software mentioned above, historical support also includes over $85,000 to help fund leveled reading rooms at each elementary school.  Over our 34 years, the Foundation has invested over $600,000 for literacy support in our district. 


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