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Professional Development

Professional Development for teachers helps to keep their skills sharp in order to most effectively teach our students.  The Foundation supports professional development for our teachers in a variety of areas.

Professional Development for Curriculum enables the District to accelerate the State’s 17-year curriculum adoption timeline and purchase new text and materials at 7-10 year intervals, ensuring our students learn from relevant materials that align with state and national standards.

A new comprehensive writing curriculum supported by the Issaquah Schools Foundation equips students with first-rate writing skills. Implemented throughout the district, the curriculum breaks writing into manageable steps and helps students identify and master specific strategies.  It's hard to identify a career that doesn't involve some form of written communication, but nationwide our students are underprepared as writers. Foundation funding provides residencies to help K-8 teachers strengthen their writing instruction. Working with nationally renowned consultants, teachers experience instruction from a student’s perspective and practicing the strategies they will bring to their classrooms.

CTE Scholarships provide forgivable loans for Career and Technical Education teachers to receive additional training and certification in areas that provide our students with real world application in the classroom including: Sports Medicine, Video Production, Business and Marketing, Theater Production, Culinary Arts and Forensic Science.

Special Education funding allows for further education and certifications related to dyslexia and other special education programs supporting our struggling students.

Elementary Computer Science prepares teachers to integrate computational thinking and computer science throughout their teaching.



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