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Mental Health


Mental health is important at every stage of life and plays a critical role in shaping a child's social, emotional, and cognitive development.  The most effective impact the Foundation has for our students is to support the overarching mental health resources for our district including professional development opportunities for staff along with curriculum for students. 

Speakers for staff
With donor support, the Foundation funds amazing speakers such as Dr. Bella Bikowsky who provide training, resources, and skills for our district counselors, PBSES coaches, psychologists, specialists, and school based mental health counselors.  In turn, these staff share the training and information with teachers and building staff.

Students are heading back into the classroom, and with this transition back to more traditional learning, our teachers and staff can serve students in person again.  Giving staff tools to help our students is essential as the outcomes of the trainings are a strong base of professionals able to recognize and provide the support our students need.

The Foundation also funds speakers related to racial issues, suicide prevention and more, helping teachers and staff to understand and know how to address issues that arise and students who may be affected by incidents at school or in our community.

Curriculum for students
Another part of the Foundation’s funding for mental health is resources for Character Strong, curriculum used at the secondary level to teach students how to promote a positive culture by teaching kindness, respect, selflessness, patience, humility, forgiveness, and honesty.  Providing the resources needed for the district to offer this curriculum has great value as additional social/emotional education.

Along with ongoing curriculum, the Foundation provides funding for speakers to directly present to students on a variety of topics, the most recent one related to consent and making safe, responsible decisions.  Students were very engaged and came away with knowledge and skills needed for adolescents. With donor support, we can continue to provide these opportunities for student education.

Presentations for parents
The Foundation’s funding for ParentWiser is another area where we offer resources to bring in professionals who can share information on supporting students in a variety of areas that are common challenges facing students, including: diversity, technology management, executive functioning skills, study techniques, and dealing with stress & anxiety.

With these programs, the Foundation is providing mental health resources for all district staff, directly to students, and to parents in our district, the combination of which offers vitally important information for the health of our community.


  • 24-hr Suicide Lifeline: 800-273-8255  
  • 24-hr Crisis Chat: www.contact-usa.org/chat.html 
  • 24-hr Crisis Line: Text ‘HEAL’ to 741741  
  • Teen Line: Text ‘TEEN’ to 839863  
  • Trevor Project—LGBTQ+: 866-488-7386  
  • Trevor Project Chat: https://www.thetrevorproject.org/get-help-now/ 
  • Trevor Project Text: Text ‘START’ to 678678 Trans Lifeline:877-565-8860  
  • Teen Link— Call in 6-10pm: 866-427-4747  
  • Safe Place— For Shelter: Text ‘SAFE’ to 4HELP  

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