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Shindy Skaar

Secretary ISF Staff Member Shindy Skaar - Secretary

Shindy Skaar

Shindy grew up in Victoria, B.C. and currently resides in Sammamish. Shindy has attended school in Canada, Japan and the U.S. She started her career in sports marketing at Nike Inc, before moving in the technology marketing sector at Philips Healthcare and currently works at Microsoft. Shindy brings experience and insight through her customer evidence and advocacy role in speaking with K-12 and higher education institutions around the world. Having the opportunity to attend global education technology conferences and at the forefront of education themes such STEM, AI, personalized learning & inclusion as well as social and emotional learning, Shindy brings a unique perspective to the Issaquah School Foundation Board.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to give back to the community, through the ISF, that my two boys are so fortunate to be enriched by through the dedicated educators, school leaders and parent community.” 

Shindy holds an MBA from the University of Oregon/The James H. Warsaw Center and a BA in Pacific and Asian Studies and Japanese from the University of Victoria.


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