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Cornell Atwater

Executive Director ISF Staff Member Cornell Atwater - Executive Director

Cornell Atwater

Cornell Atwater, Executive Director and Owner of Mindful Connections Coaching and Consulting LLC, is a resource for students and parents seeking one-on-one coaching to address executive function, study and life management skills, and cognitive efficiency to unlock one’s learning potential.    Previously as the Owner and Executive Director of LearningRx - Issaquah, a cognitive skills brain training center established in 2008 as the only location in Washington.  Serving the needs of individuals and families in our community Cornell’s mission in establishing LearningRx - Issaquah was to help children and adults strengthen the brain and build the mental skills making learning easier, faster and more efficient.  Through one-on-one brain training programs her clients, school-aged students and adults, train intensively by targeting weak cognitive skills increasing efficiency in the areas of short and long term memory, logic and reasoning, executive processing, auditory and visualization skills.  Historically, by improving these foundational skills clients have experienced positive results.  Cornell does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, however will refer to her network of professionals that are qualified to provide appropriate testing and diagnosis.  Cornell’s experience with Mindful Connections Coaching and Consulting and LearningRx has allowed her to work with clients who came with various diagnoses, including Executive Function Disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, and TBI.

As a graduate of the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington she earned a Bachelor degree in Business Administration in 1983.  She expanded her education obtaining a Master’s degree is in Business Management from City University in Bellevue, Washington in 2004.  She obtained her Certification as a Cognitive Skills Trainer in 2008.   She has done additional coursework studies in working with students with learning disabilities, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychology, sales, marketing, and over 30 years in management, and training and development.

In addition to the above, her primary role in life is wife and mother of three children ages 20, 23 and 38, resident of Newcastle, Washington.  She enjoys being a life-long learner, taking self-improvement courses, cooking, entertaining and organizing social events, waterskiing, golf, volleyball, watching her son play lacrosse, shopping with her daughters, scrapbooking, stamping, crafts, travel, and spending time with her “Ohana” (family). 



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