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Teacher Grants

It’s Grant Season!  The Issaquah Schools Foundation was formed in 1987 as a grant-making organization in response to inadequate state funding and the community’s desire to ensure our students received the best possible education. That tradition continues today with the Foundation’s Kateri Brow and Classroom Enrichment Grants.  Because the grants originate from educators who see the need or opportunity, grants serve as the earliest indicator of need and the brightest source of innovation for our students . Our goal in funding these grants is to pilot innovative solutions and, where possible, to leverage those solutions across the district so every student may benefit.

The Issaquah Schools Foundation, in partnership with the Issaquah School District, drives resources to help students reach the promise of their potential. Our programs use a whole-child approach to create limitless opportunities for every student in every school by leveraging our unparalleled partnerships across the community.  They fill gaps not funded by the state and champion innovative programs throughout the school district.

Most of our funding is allocated to Classroom Enrichment and Kateri Brow grants.  Rapid Response Grants are based on limited dollars and subject to available funds.

All teachers, administrators and parents within the Issaquah School District are eligible to apply for a grant.

Types of Funding Provided*:

  • Classroom Enrichment Grants (up to $1000) - To enhance the learning environment of individual classrooms, libraries, computer labs, resource centers and schools. Proposals must be approved by a school principal or a District administrator. Due January 10, 2018.
  • Kateri Brow Big Idea Grant ($1001-10,000) - To fund programs responding to a compelling need that reflects innovation in education. Proposals must be approved by a school principal or a District administrator. Due January 10, 2018.
  • Rapid Response Requests - To address time sensitive needs falling outside of the Classroom Enrichment/Kateri Brow grant timeline. Proposals must be submitted by school principal or by a District Executive Director. October 30, January 30, March 30, August 30. Limited availability.


All programs that we fund:

1)      Address at least one of our three major areas of focus:

  • Building Academic Foundations - Programs that meet basic student needs; develop skills, knowledge, attitudes, and/or behaviors needed for academic success; and/or provide material support (i.e. books that allow for differentiation) needed to assure students are ready to learn.

  • Exploring Limitless Opportunities - Programs beyond traditional curricula that inspire a deep passion for learning and allow kids to connect with, thrive in and enjoy learning.

  • Launching Successfully into the Future - Programs that help prepare kids for life beyond high school through exploring college, trade and careers.

2)     Support the needs of the whole child: Programs that support students' comprehensive academic, social/emotional and health needs. A whole child approach: 1) ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, and 2) sets the standard for comprehensive, sustainable school improvement and provides for long-term student success.

3)     Support innovation: A pilot of a new program that has the potential to be used district-wide and/or programs that “fill the gap” between federal/state funding and need.

All applicants:

  • Are strongly encouraged to request funding from Building/District Funds, PTSA and other organizations or individuals in addition to the Foundation.
  • Need to clearly articulate impact beyond the number of participants that the funding will have on students and/or teachers using complete, understandable and measurable outcomes. Outcomes differ by project and may include:
    • Academic Measures: Grades, homework completion, results from standardized testing
    • Behavioral Measures: Attendance, referrals to principal’s office, confidence (measured in pre/posttests)
    • Other: Excitement/hopes and/or plans for the future, etc.

Other details:

  • Kateri Brow and Classroom Enrichment Grants may receive funding for up to three years subject to annual review.
  • Rapid Response grantees and programs receiving on-going funding are reviewed annually for continuation of funding.
  • We do not fund sponsorships.

Applications for Classroom Enrichment and Kateri Brow Grants

are only accepted online







DOCUMENTS REQUIRED SPECIFICALLY for Kateri Brow and Classroom Enrichment Grant Applications


Click here for the cLASSROOM eNRICHMENT/ kATERI bROW Grant Timeline

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QuestionsPlease contact our office at 425.391.8557 or email Carolyn Kramer, Director of Programs, carolyn@isfdn.org

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