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Join us in providing student programs and resources for students at all

27 schools within the 110 square mile boundary of the Issaquah School District.


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The Issaquah Schools Foundation respects the privacy of our donors and is committed to protecting the personal information that we gather and maintain regarding those donors. As such, the Foundation's Board of Trustees adopted the following Donor Privacy Policy which guides our staff and volunteers on how they may and may not use donors' personal information. The Policy applies to the collection of donor information from any source: physical pledge cards, on line pledges, our website, electronic communications, registration for an event or fundraiser, or by any other means.

Foundation Privacy Policy Statement: The Foundation collects, retains and uses donors' information such as: name, email address, telephone numbers, email address, spouse's name, donation amount, designations, donor history, contributions and limited demographic information.  The Foundation will not sell or trade donors' information.  The Foundation will not share donors' information with any third parties unless given specific permission to do so by the donor. 


Fueling Success for Every Student, Every School