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Student Academic Grants

The Foundation received an overwhelming response to student grant applications, and thanks to our generous donors 
was able to award over 100 student grants for tutoring & academic support!   

"... Midterm grades came out today and we are celebrating our student’s first ever “A” in Math!"
- parent of a 7th grade recipient of a student academic grant.

Many students struggle with one or more subjects in school.  Supplemental academic support can help a student overcome these struggles, re-engage learning, and restore personal confidence.  To improve accessibility to academic support services, the Foundation is offering grants for students who need help to pay for tutoring and other academic assistance programs.

  • This academic grant program is available to all Issaquah School District students K-12
  • Grants will be awarded up to $500 per student.
  • Setting up a tutor or other ouside academic support
    Family is responsible for setting up the academic support they wish to use and will be asked about their choice in the grant application. Awardees may use the professional academic support provider of choice and any grant money awarded will be given directly to the service provider. 
    • We can’t recommend a specific academic support provider for your child, but we do have some resources here.
    • We also have a search link on the partner page that can help with searching for tutors in the area.
    • ***NOTE: Many providers have waitlists and struggle with the same staffing shortages as other industries are experiencing.  As such, you may have to expand your search for a tutor and/or wait for availability.
  • Understanding academic support structures and costs
    The Foundation’s academic grant strives to help with the cost of outside support, but may not cover the full cost needed for many students. Please be aware that the academic provider of your choice may recommend more hours of tutoring than will be covered by this grant.  The grant will often cover the cost of about 8-10 hours of tutoring.  As such, we recommend that you be very clear with the service provider if you only want to use funds from the grant. We have included things to know when looking for academic support below.
    • This grant is ideal for elementary students who need help with a specific task such as reading or understanding a math concept or middle & high school students who need help with a specific topic.

When a student has a hard time understanding a specific material in any subject, and the rest of the class moves on to more advanced material, it's hard for that student to catch up. The Foundation wants to help those students who missed a concept at school so they can catch up and be successful. 

6 Things to Know When Looking for Academic SupporT

¡6 cosas que debes saber al buscar apoyo académico!


View our Academic Support PARTNERS HERE

Items to have lined up before you apply:
1. An academic support/tutoring plan
2. Preview the application (instructions on how to do that below)
3. A teacher to write a recommendation.

NOTES regarding the online application form:
1. You can PREVIEW the application prior to filling in any information.
(see highlighted area in screen shot at the right).  We recommend looking at
this preview so that you understand what the application will ask for
before beginning the process.
2. You will need to SAVE YOUR WORK within the appplication (it will not automatically save).
3. A recommendation from student's teacher or other school staff will be required
and will be sent to them automatically when you complete their information.

Student Academic Grant online application process outline

Here is the CRITERIA we use for assessing applications in this program.


Si necesita ayuda con la aplicación, por favor llene esta sencilla forma para hacer una cita con Alicia Spinner. Alicia lo ayudará en español. https://forms.gle/VPYdACEh5utyk6pH7.  
如果您在填申请表时需要帮助,请填写这个简短的表格,以便和Laura Ni预约时间。Laura能够用中文协助您填写申请表。https://forms.gle/knaBEWRLnkMrhM8T6.
If you need help in another language (한국어, 日本語, русский) or have any questions, please contact Alicia Spinner: alicia@isfdn.org

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If we have already received a Student Academic Grant, can we apply again?
    • Yes. Students are eligible to recieve an academic grant once a year.
  • Can we be re-imbursed for previous testing/academic support?  
    • No. This program is for new tutoring or academic support. You may apply for the grant for future tuition in a tutoring program in which your child already participates, but we will no re-imburse for tutoring that has already taken place
  • Can we use a high school student as the tutor?
    • No.  This program pays for professional tutors or academic support only.
  • Can we use the grant for medical services?
    • No.  This program pays for professional tutors or academic support only.
  • Can I use the grant to cover a camp that includes some academic elements.
    • No.  This grant is specifically for dedicated academic support.
  • What if my student is getting a decent grade in the class, but we would like to provide tutoring for a better grade?
    • This program is intended for students who struggle with grade level curriculum.  If they are getting a B but the family would like tutoring to increase that grade to an A, then this program is not appropriate for that purpose.
  • What if my student has decided to take an accelerated course of study and is struggling in the accelerated class?
    • This program is intended for student who struggle with grade level curriculum.  Students who choose to stretch themselves with higher level courses should certainly be commended, but this program is intended to support students who struggle with grade level requirements. 
  • What happens if I applied for a grant for both of my kids and only one received the grant?
    • We understand that families may have multiple students who struggle with various subjects.  The applications are judged blind without regard to siblings, so one sibling may receive a grant while the other does not.
  • What do I do if my child needs more support than is covered by this grant?
    • While the Foundation’s academic grant can help with the cost, it will not cover the full cost of academic support needed for many students.  It is important for families to understand professional tutoring structures and costs prior to applying.  We have more information on things to look for here.
  • If I don't recieve a grant, are there free academic support options for my child?
    • There are several free tutoring services provided by high school students that may help your child.  One such option is our partner, 425 Tutoring.

 If you have questions about this program, feel free to reach out to our Director of Programs here.

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