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Dedicated Fine Arts Fund

Recognizing the essential role of the arts in a comprehensive education, the Foundation's Dedicated Fine Arts Fund supports drama, visual arts, vocal music, band and orchestra in district schools.

Across the district, orchestra participation has nearly doubled in the last five years. The Fine Arts Fund helped schools meet the increased demand by providing $100,000 for new instruments and equipment used by middle and high school orchestra students.

School-owned instruments are essential to students who are learning to play. Many students do not have an instrument at home. Those who do own instruments may not be able to transport them to and from school.

"With Foundation donations, our students proudly play on beautiful sounding instruments each and every day," says Terry Shade, orchestra director at Pacific Cascade Middle School. "What a boost it has been for our kids!"

At Skyline High School, the Fine Arts Fund also supports the choir program, which recently gave a splendid end-of-year concert. Highlights of the year include the choir retreat with more than 90 students participating, Winter Fest performances at Seattle Center, and outstanding work by more than 40 soloists and ensembles at the regional Eastshore Vocal Solo/Ensemble Festival. 



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