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Creative and Artistic Methods for Planning and Goal Setting

We are always looking for positive, creative ways to make the mental mind shift for back to school for you and your child. Here are four effective ways to engage mental creativity while adding life skills to your tool box. Thank you to Juliette Ripley-Dunkelberger, past Artistic Support Manager & Creative Arts Director, now owner of Ignite Creative Solutions.

These lessons on story boarding, mind mapping, motivational collage making, and drawing offer a fresh approach to how you can encourage your child in the areas of goal setting, problem solving, resilience building, and development of effective study strategies.






There are MANY websites with free educational resources. 
Click here to view over 150 sites with options to learn & explore everything from reading and math to virtual tours and activities. 
While the Foundation does not have a connection with any of these sites, the list provides options for parents looking for new learning opportunities for their kids.



Beat the Summer Slide!

Congratulations parents and guardians, you made it through the school year!  As we close out the school year, our parting post shares ideas on different ways to avoid the “Summer Slide.” Contrary to what it sounds like, this isn't a fun waterslide in town!  Rather, the “Summer Slide” refers to a backwards academic slide that many children experience as a result of a loss of knowledge such as reading and math skills over the summer.  Did you know that children can lose up to three months of academic progress over the summer?

Here are some ideas we’ve collected that might help your child avoid the Summer Slide:

  • Read EVERY day for 20 minutes!  This is the easiest and most straight forward way to beat the slide.  Read non-fiction, fiction, eBooks, poetry, newspapers and read out loud!  Local libraries have summer reading programs with incentives and rewards for books read over summer break.
  • Keep a journal about your summer activities, highlights, and travels.
  • Listen to Audio Books during your road trip
  • Take pictures and make a summer of scrapbook
  • Research hikes close to Issaquah – here’s a start! https://www.wta.org/
  • Start a virtual book club
  • Write a thank you note to soldiers or veterans
  • Seek out online enrichment classes – there are so many to choose from
  • Write a letter (yeah, snail mail!) to a friend or relative
  • Write a book or create your own comic book
  • Get techy and learn a new skill like graphic design, coding, or web design through online or local programs
  • Integrate math, reading and following directions by getting creative in the kitchen.  Older kids can design menus and create their own recipe book or box.
  • Work on puzzles, Sudoku, brain teasers, crosswords, or word searches
  • Plant a garden or flowerpot.  Kids love to watch their plants grow and thrive!

Happy Summer!  Enjoy this special time with your family!



Resources for Having Conversations About Race with Your Children

We have been saddened and heartbroken over the violence we have witnessed recently towards our Black community.  As always, we stand in alignment with the Issaquah School District in promoting awareness and educating ourselves to be part of the solution.

These topics can be uncomfortable to have but they are so important to have to raise awareness and ignite change.  Families that are facing racial inequities in our community cannot shoulder these topics alone.  Together we can make a difference.

Here are some resources to help you have these conversations with your families. 

From the Issaquah School District:



Additional resources:









OSPI Parenting Videos for At Home Learing

WA State Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction has launched a new video series to support parents as they navigate the current learning environment. The series provides helpful tips on a variety of topics - like how to structure your day, positive behavior support, stress management and problem solving. The webinar has been recorded and uploaded to Youtube in 20-25 minute digestible pieces, so families can access at their own pace. 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3



Free Children's Audible Books from Amazon

NEM Golden Apple Sponsor, Amazon, is helping to keep young minds active, alert, and engaged during school closures by offering free audiobooks for kids on Audible. Available in 6 languages and free to stream on desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Here's the link: www.stories.audible.com/start-listen



Drawing for Mindfulness Exercise with Juliette

We invite you to our mindfulness practice using simple repetitions to focus on the present moment. A good exercise for students and parents alike, see how our Creative Arts Director, Juliette Ripley-Dunkelberger, helps promote relaxation and focus.

click here for the Spanish version


Microsoft extends students and educators free access to Minecraft: Education Edition & Resources through June 2020 to support remote learning. 

Note: An @Issaquah.wednet.edu email address (secondary students/ office 365 Educational account) is required. 

Learn more about Minecraft Education resources here

Download the Education tools here












Check out the New Minecraft Education Collection here








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FREE Online Resources for Arts and Education - Click here to download


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