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Artistic Support

A volunteer Art Docent helps students make clay bird nests.The Art Docent program supports WA State’s Visual Arts Grade Level Expectations K – 5 alongside 21st Century thinking skills to introduce students to the elements of art, principles of design, various art materials, cultural influences, artists, problem solving and personal expression. 

Since 2011, the Art Docent Program has served as a partnership between the elementary school PTAs, the Issaquah Schools Foundation, the Issaquah School District and parents.  This program fills the gap between what the district funding can provide and what our kids need.  We truly appreciate the generosity of the principals, class room teachers, and the parents who support our PTA/PTSAs to make this program possible.

The Art Docent curriculum provides essential art concepts and covers a broad spectrum of mediums.  It is easily tied into Washington State and Federal Learning Standards.  This allows us to offer our students to have a consistent set of learning objectives while allowing for changes in our State Learning Standards.     

The Art Docent curriculum is comparable to the structure used by curricula sold to school districts throughout the country.  It has been reviewed by multiple art teachers and curriculum specialists who have deemed this collaborative approach to be “excellent and very well thought out.” 

How does funding at the Issaquah Schools Foundation support the Art Docent program through Artistic Support?

  • The Issaquah Schools Foundation provides annual training and online lessons to volunteer Art Docents as well as supporting program execution through district level and business partnerships. In essence, the Foundation supports ‘training the trainer.’ 

  • The funding also supports the Artistic Support Program Liason whom coordinates Art Docents and ongoing program needs from A – Z during the entire school year. 
  • Each elementary school PTA/PTSA provides materials and volunteers to teach art lessons in the classroom.  

Art Classes for Art Docents - See schedule and sign up links HERE!

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