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NEM Week 4


Welcome to Nourish Every Mind Week 4!

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Help make a difference in the lives of our students by giving back to one of the many programs that help them thrive!

Did We Miss You? Here's the Month in 8 Minutes!

Video: Did You Miss Something? Here’s the Month in 8 Minutes!

Thank you so much for joining us online for Nourish Every Mind 2022! Each week in May, we digitally dedicated and delivered a special focus on our students’ needs in the form of Academic Support, Mental Health & Social Emotional Support, and Equitable Access to Educational & Community Resources!

Watch the video above to view this week’s parent/community poll results and view how your Foundation support translates into programs and resources for our students.

You make a difference! Join us in providing students in all 26 schools of the Issaquah School District with the programs and resources they need to succeed and reach the promise of their potential. We can’t do it without you!

Below you will find links to all our online content highlighted for this week!

Video: Welcome to Nourish Every Mind Week 4: Our Vision Forward – Making a Positive Impact!

Join Druv Naik, one of our Student Trustees, as he shares more about NEM and this week's focus on Our Vision Forward – Making a Positive Impact!

Video: Hear Stories Directly From Our Students!

As a young student, Amita was initially introduced to the Issaquah Schools Foundation through the VOICE Mentor program, which was founded by the Issaquah Schools Foundation in 2004 and is now a permanent, district program. In middle school, she went on to play the baritone Saxophone (supported by funding from the Foundation’s fine arts fund) and then proceeded to join the Robotics club in high school! Watch now to hear more about what makes her an "ISF Kid!"

Did You Know? The Issaquah Schools Foundation Funds Programs From STEM, the Arts, and Classroom Enrichment Grants at Your School?

As you’ve seen throughout the month, the Issaquah School’s Foundation provides funding derived from your generous donations to a number of programs at each of the 26 schools in the Issaquah School District. Watch some of these amazing videos featuring Foundation-funded programs such as robotics, classroom enrichment grants, and after school homework help!

See some of our 2022 Classroom Enrichment Grant recipients here!

Watch the Pacific Cascade Middle School perform here!

Watch the Issaquah Robotics Society Team 1318 of Issaquah High School in action!

Check out video from the Spartabots2976 of Skyline High School!

Two of our Sunny Hills Elementary students say "Thank You!" For after school homework help. Watch now!

Get a glimpse of the IRS 3D printer that was funded by a classroom enrichment grant provided from the Issaquah Schools Foundation!

Video: Our Vision Forward – Making a Positive Impact!

Join our Board of Trustees President, Jenell Tamaela, as she shares some of the Issaquah Schools Foundation's past successes and future goals. Jenell also sums up what we have focused on over the past several weeks and how we can work together as a community to keep our students' needs first! Watch what she has to say!


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