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Share the Love

Issaquah Schools Foundation

Thank you to all of the families who nominated their educator for Share the Love!

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Lemke at Challenger Elementary School was nominated for being an amazing teacher and an incredible advocate for students!

Our winners of the drawing are Amit & Jessica Nangalia and here's what they had to say!

We would like to nominate Ms. Lemke, Niam's 3rd grade teacher at Challenger Elementary School. 

Thanks to Ms. Lemke's approach to learning, our son has made a 180 degree transformation in his motivation for school (compared to his 2nd grade experience). Ms. Lemke inspires Niam to love learning again! We are so thankful for her teaching, because of the growth we see in Niam. He comes home excited to tell us about his learning. Ms. Lemke's weekly homework packets have helped teach Niam to be more responsible and motivated him to do better in math, social studies, and writing. 

Ms. Lemke is the caring spark that students need. With her positive, handwritten notes on every graded assignment; weekly summaries with inspirational quotes, and an amazing newsletter each week, she helps parents participate jointly in their student's learning at home. Ms. Lemke is an immensely positive influence that will help Niam for his elementary years!

We are grateful to have Ms. Lemke at Challenger and as Niam's teacher.

Amit & Jessica Nangalia

Our other outstanding nominees were (see their nomination emails below!):

Ms. Elliot (PLMS counselor)
Mr. Miske (PLMS History)
Ms. Risken (PLMS LA/SS 6th grade)
Mr. Bob (Plateau Transportation Facility Route #105)
Mr. Clymer (BLMS)
Mrs. Jamie Burcheci (Sunny Hills)
Dr. Sharma at Skyline High School

From Min-Hua Lin:

Ms. Elliot (PLMS counselor): My kids and I really love Ms. Elliot. When my son was at PLMS, she wasn't his regular counselor, but she always cared about my son from her heart well. My son always felt so safe to be around with her. 7 years later, now my daughter attends PLMS as 6th grader, she still isn't my girl's regular counselor, but she still cares about my girl from her heart well too. My girl always feel so safe and comfortable talking to her. When she stresses out, Ms. Eliott knows how to make her smile so well and be happy again. This is also why my son who now is freshman in college wanted to visit her before headed off to college. No matter how far my son is, Ms. Elliot will be always in his heart that who he really cares and respects and very appreciated with. 

Mr. Miske (PLMS History): Mr. Miske was my son's 7th & 8th grade LA/SS taff. He really cared about my son from his heart as he did with other students. He would never judged students by grades but by how hard they try. He really influenced my son so much. He always encouraged my son well, he never gave up on my son when son felt low. My son worked so hard to earn honor of student twice because of Mr. Miske. Mr. Miske was one of appreciated staff he wanted to meet before headed off to college as freshman. He wants to continue make Mr. Miske proud of him and knows he is still working so hard in college. Although my girl isn't in Mr. Miske's class this year as 6th grader at PLMS, but hope she will be in his class. Each time he sees my girl, he will also greet to her and encourages her just he does for her big brother 7 years ago. I am truly very thankful to know Mr. Miske too. Of course really appreciated as well. 

Ms. Riskin (PLMS LA/SS 6th Grade): Ms. Riskin is truly also appreciated. I love the way how she cares and encourages for students. My daughter loves to be part of her class and really happy to attend each day. She talks about her happiness to attend Ms. Riskin's class often. Ms. Riskin is really kind, friendly, passion, patient, professional and caring. I feel safe for my girl to go to school and be in her class too. Very thankful.. 

Mr. Bob (Plateau Transportation Facility Route #105): I feel safe for my 6th grade daughter to ride on Mr. Bob's bus because he really cares about students safety. He knows how to make students happy to school and happy safe home too. He would also greet to parents if they are at bus stop area too. He is very friendly, professional, patient, respectful. I have witnessed myself that a few students missed their regular buses. It would be also going to same school or on his way, he was very kind and gave their a ride to school. Although they weren't his bus riders, but he wanted to make sure they were happy and safe arrived too. I really appreciate Mr. Bob sincerely from my heart. My girl always talk about how happy she is to ride on the bus. Therefore I strongly believe that Mr. Bob deserved it. 

From Dee Belsky:

The first person that came to mind to nominate as an outstanding teacher is Mr. Clymer at BLMS.

We moved from the east coast to Sammamish as of the Fall of 2019 when my son was transitioning  from elementary school to middle school.  Our son really struggled with the transition school wise, and with the challenge of making friends. Mr. Clymer’s efforts out of school to bring kids together thru his after school sports camp offering was our son’s lifeline.   Our son has made friends from the camp that transitioned over to school, and our son really wants to return to his camp after middle school to help Mr Clymer.

Mr. Clymer, and all the teachers that lead after school activities allow these kids to find themselves, provide experiences that help them build their confidence, and facilitate the ability to meet new friends.

Our son misses the east coast less and less and he has even mentioned he plans to work hard in his upcoming trimester class where Mr Clymer will be his teacher.  And, that’s coming from someone who struggles with school motivation.

I don’t know how to thank him, and again, all teachers, who care about the kids in school and out, and make such an impact that result in making helping these kids grow and get thru a really tough phase of their lives.

Any monies should go back to him or the programs.  I’ll do a donation shortly, as I did t realize you were seeking more funds.

From Milly Sharma:

Mrs. Jamie Burcheci is a Sunny Hills teacher. Jamie is compassionate, caring & an emphath. A person who a parent is happy to leave his/her child with. She gives the little ones power to think, to create and the confidence to keep going. She makes learning fun.

My child was ever so excited to go to school every single day with a spark in her eyes that I saw in almost every child in her class. The love of learning!

When volunteering in the classroom I was amazed to see how Mrs. Burcheci knew every student so well, the individual learning style and adapted accordingly.

Jamie has been a great educator . My daughter has moved 6 grades up since but we haven’t found one teacher to match her standards in the Issaquah School District yet.

Sure this nomination comes a little late from me but teachers like Jamie are special and they are always  remembered ! Thank you Mrs. Burcheci for the being so great in what you do. I’m sure mine is a consensus vote!

Thank you

From Deena Qannan:

The most patient and caring teacher to me is Dr. Sharma at Skyline High School. She’s so funny and knows how to keep her class engaging. My class and I have learned a lot in her general chemistry class this year. She’s an amazing teacher!

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