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Support Basic Student Needs

Issaquah Schools Foundation

The season of caring and sharing is here! At this special time of year, we invite you to join us in giving students the essential support they need for success at school.

Throughout the Issaquah School District, the Issaquah Schools Foundation is there to lend a helping hand through our Basic Student Needs programs.

Beaver Lake Middle School Principal Stacy Cho shared the story of how the Basic Student Needs programs made a world of difference for one student:

Let me tell you about an 11-year-old whose family recently experienced homelessness. During the first days of the school year, I showed him how he could choose a new, free backpack filled with school supplies. I shared that free breakfast bars were always available if he ever came to school hungry (and he would come to the office and eat six bars at a time). I helped his family access support from the Nurses Fund, which paid for transportation to doctor's appointments. This support set him up for success at school. It was all made possible by the Foundation.

This holiday season, will you help kids in need by donating to the Foundation's Basic Student Needs Fund? Click here to make a donation.

Dan, Martha and the Timmins family have already donated $5,000, with the hope that your generosity will allow us to raise $20,000 towards the fund. Please join the challenge by this wonderful family to help students!

Thank you for your generous consideration!




Liz Swanson, Executive Director

Here are examples of how Basic Student Needs supported students last year:

  1. Food Aid: More than 17,000 free snacks, breakfasts and lunches provided to combat hunger in the classroom through our Feeding Student Success program.
  2. Emergencies: Financial support was directed to the Nurses Fund, which offers school nurses financial resources to help struggling students.
  3. School Supplies: More than 1,000 free, new backpacks filled with school supplies were provided to families that need financial support through our Tools4School program.

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