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Academic Support

Students can often benefit from supplemental academic support, and to improve accessibility to academic support services, the Foundation provides various resources.

Funding for teacher time to help students before and/or after school. 

Academic support before & after school
Academic support before and after school offers students the opportunity to get one-to-one help from a teacher in a quiet setting.

Academic support at the elementary schools often entails focusing on a specific skill such as reading, writing, or math.  Giving them the opportunity for 1:1 support from their teachers helps with student confidence in subjects in which they may otherwise struggle.

"I really like that the program is a small group of kids because it makes me feel more comfortable. It’s easier for me to ask questions and learn in a smaller group setting. It also helps me to be more interested in the subject and engaged." - Colby, Cougar Ridge Elementary student

Middle School
Open libraries at middle schools give every student a chance to have the time needed to talk to a teacher after school as well as access to a supervised location to study or use the computer until the activity bus can take them home.

“I like after-school library club because it’s a quiet place to get my homework done.  It’s easier for me to get my homework done here than at home. The Library has a lot of resources for homework so it’s easier to study here than anywhere else.” - Lea, Maywood student

High School
In High School, after-school homework help is beneficial for any student who needs extra support in a given subject, and particularly for students who are credit deficient. This program is one of the key tools that counseling teams, teachers, and administrators recommend to students.

"This has been invaluable to struggling students... providing them an equitable opportunity for success.  It is an awesome way to reach out to students who need a little more help without making them feel called out.  I have found a higher success rate since beginning this tutoring funded by the Foundation." - Kristin Bennett, Skyline HS Teacher




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