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Each year, the Foundation provides STEM funding to each high school in the Issaquah School District to further enrich cocurricular and extra-curricular clubs and classes that provide rich and valuable learning opportunities for students in STEM related fields.  These clubs/classes include Rocketry, Environmental Science, Video Production, Forensics, and Engineering.

The Issaquah School District, in collaboration with the Issaquah Schools Foundation, has embarked upon a new endeavor to engage students: STEMposium. 

This event allows students in grades kindergarten through 12 the opportunity to display their science, technology, engineering and math skills through an exhibition style fair. This gives students the opportunity to launch their learning into the community and assist in their growth as individual learners expanding on their own interests. 

The opportunity will allow you to connect with the Issaquah School District community and display STEM related projects, products and services you offer to the attendees of the exposition and to be face to face with what students are learning and doing through STEM while also forging relationships with potential clients and your future workforce. 




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