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Teacher Grants

"The Foundation supports opportunties for teachers to dream big, and when teachers can dream big, students can achieve."   - Dana Bailey, Assistant Superintendent of Special Services

Issaquah Schools Foundation Grants
Teacher Grants are available to teachers, staff, and administration personnel in the Issaquah School District
 (Parents, PTSA members etc. are welcome to write a grant on behalf of a teacher/staff member with their approval)

We partner directly with and provide grants to the Issaquah school district.  We are unable to provide grants to community-based organizations or other outside agencies not part of the school district.

The Foundation is looking to fund ideas that:

  • Show innovation in teaching.  New ideas on how to reach students most effectively.
  • Pilot new ideas that are scalable.  They may benefit a limited number of students to start, but if the idea works well, can be expanded to benefit multiple schools.
  • Offer equity to our district.  Not every school has the same level of PTA support, so we want to be sure all students are getting similar opportunities at each building.
  • Clearly articulate impact.  Grant can show clear impact it will have on students and/or teachers using measurable outcomes.

NOTES for all grant applicants

  1. Be sure to discuss your grant idea with your building principal and/or cabinet director (including capital projects as applicable) prior to applying.  They must sign your grant application and may have information about efforts in the area for which you wish to seek a grant. 
  2. Outside of the information needed at the top of the grant application, please do NOT include any personal or school identifying information in your grant application.  Grants are judged blind so there is no bias in the review process.
  3. All applicants are strongly encouraged to request funding from building/district funds, PTSA, and other organizations or individuals in addition to the Foundation.

***Grant Applications are currently CLOSED.***

Classroom Enrichment Grants
Grant reqeusts that are up to $3000 and enhance the
     learning environment of individual classrooms & schools. 
*Online, written application only.       

Kateri Brow Grants
Grant requests that are $3001-$10,000 and respond
     to a compelling need that reflects innovation in education. 
***Presentation of grant required for those whose
grants are chosen to move forward  after reviewing the
online written application.     

Apply FOR AN ENRICHMENT GRANT     Apply FOR A Kateri Brow Grant  

Pleaes complete both of the forms below and include with your online grant application.



Grants Timeline

Grants Workshop All grant applicants are encouraged to attend our grants workshop. 
Learn basics of what we’re looking for in grant applications and how the online process works.

TBD for 2022-2023

Grant Application Closes @ midnight                        

TBD for 2022-2023

Kateri Brow finalists - Presentation Night
Kateri Brow Grant applicant (finalists only) will be asked to present to our grants committee. 

TBD for 2022-2023

Grant Winners announced

TBD for 2022-2023

Grant reference documents:


Historical list of programs & grants by school

QuestionsPlease contact our office at 425.391.8557 or email l.gaffney@isfdn.org or c.kennedy@isfdn.org 

Fueling Success for Every Student, Every School