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Classroom Enrichment Grants

The Issaquah Schools Foundation recognizes that school budgets are limited and classroom demands are high. Each year, the Foundation awards Classroom Enrichment Grants to enhance the learning environment of individual classrooms, libraries, computer labs, resource centers and schools. Grants in this program are funded up to $3,000.

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Announcing the 2019
Classroom Enrichment Grant Recipients:

Grant Title

Grant Recipient


Sense-ational Kids: Creating sensory experiences from tactile bins to alterternative seating.
This grant will provide sensory bins for kindergarten classes to promote learning through engagement of tactile based experiences. Alternative seating supports kinesthetic and vestibular movement for children who need increased postural control or a quiet space for self-regulation.  

Sunayna Thakur 

Endeavor Elementary

Association of Washington Student Leaders ASB Retreat
This grant will enable 20 ASB leaders to attend a two night/ three day intensive retreat with the Washington Association of Student Leaders.

Hillary Nadell

Gibson Ek

Small Programmers, Big Ideas: Blue-Bots
This grant supports the purchase of Blue Bot Hives, mats and accessories for first grade classrooms.  These fun tools help students develop a strong foundation in computer science skills and fundamental understanding of algorithms and sequencing.

Karen Bankson

Apollo Elementary

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Divides By Zero
This grant supports STEM in middle school by providing a math club and access to math competitions. 

Eileen Rubenstein

Maywood Middle 

First Grade ABC's: Adventurous Blue-Bot Coding
This grant supports the purchase of Ble Bots and asccessories to build foundation knowledge and excitement for STEM in first grade.  Blue-Bots are bluetooth enabled floor robots used to code, debug and simulate algorithms in a fun, hands-on way for primary students.

Molly Bankson & Sarah Fulghum

Grand Ridge Elementary

Boosting Brains With Books
This grant supports the purchase of books for 2 classrooms that provide variety and challenges all levels of readers.

Laura Saiki & Jessica Suarez

Creekside Elementary

Cougar Ridge Heritage Festival
This grant supports the administrative costs in organizing the heritage festival to ppromote a culture of inclusivity and celebrate diversity.

Priyanka Raha, Shamitha Sridharan & Nancy Benter

Cougar Ridge Elementary

Fantasy Book Clubs
This grant supports the purchase of books to provide more variety and student choice to meet the students' reading needs.

Kristin Page

Cascade Ridge Elementary


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